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Faraday Discussion forum Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question that I didn't ask at the meeting, can I submit it now?

Yes, please email it to us and we may be able to include it.

Why are there no submit or preview buttons?

You will need to log in before you can post a comment.

How do I upload more than one file?

You will need to zip or gzip them together and upload that.

Can I just upload a Word or LaTeX file instead of using the form?

You can, but it will be quicker to use the form, because people replying to your question will be able to see it straightaway, rather than having it e-mailed to them.

A mathematical symbol I need is missing from the screen!

Let us know and we will see what we can do. If you know how to write the symbol in LaTeX, or the Unicode entity, that will do for now.

My question number has already been taken!

Let us know and we will sort it out.

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